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The products of the famous sofa brand Cheers are known for their high quality. Its appearance is simple but unique, and it is very comfortable to sit on. The hinge device of Cheers leather sofas is also easy to operate, which is the best of its kind. A model in combing. With a series of Chivas products sold at the Hareody Mall online store, there is always one that meets your needs.

Chivas has a wide range of sofa products, including a variety of electric hinged combs, leather elastic hinged combs, artificial leather sofas, comfortable first-class electric head-turning combs, and multi-functional leather electric sofas. prepare. Hareody Mall is the authorized distributor of Chivas Sofas, and has all kinds of Sofas! Customers can also contact us to inquire about the appointment arrangement for in-store selection!

High-quality combs are found here

Among the Chivas products sold in this online shop, the "Chivas Sofa (Model No. 9501)" is made of super-grade technical cloth, which is durable, breathable and comfortable, and the sponge inside is a high-density one. It complies with the STC testing standard, so that the comb can maintain its elasticity for a long time. As for the wood used in the comb, it is imported high-grade wood, which is quite strong. In addition, the electric spring hinge function belongs to Chivas patent, which can be adjusted more conveniently. It also has two seats. There are two options, one and three seats, and the colors are available in army green and khaki. Another "Chivas Sofa (Model No. 8852)", in addition to two-seater and three-seater designs, also has a single-seat design, if one person lives alone and the home space is limited, there is also a suitable sofa Choose, the sofa is made of high-quality European cowhide, which is soft in texture and comfortable to sit on. This sofa is also equipped with an electric stretch hinge function, and the inside is also made of high-density sponge. Just think about the daily work fatigue. It is a great joy in life to be able to sit on a comfortable sofa and watch a movie when you get home! There are many Chivas sofas available for purchase in this online store, welcome to inquire.

Frequently asked questions about Chivas and leather combs

If you buy a Chivas leather sofa, what kind of maintenance and cleaning can you do in the future to make the leather sofa more durable?

In terms of cleaning and maintenance, whether it is imitation leather or genuine leather sofas, the treatment methods are similar. The most important thing is to know whether these imitation leather or genuine leather sofas have a protective layer. This can be observed with the naked eye: Yes The combed surface of the protective layer looks more shiny, and the water resistance will be stronger; as for the one without the protective layer, it is nubuck leather with a very conspicuous texture, mainly matte.

Under normal circumstances, the sofa can be simply cleaned once a week. If it is a leather comb with a protective layer, it is relatively simple to take care of. Just wring out the wet cloth first, wipe the surface of the comb lightly, and then wipe it again with another dry cloth. If necessary , You can also try waxing the sofa with a leather protector. As for combs without a protective layer, such as matte leather, just like cleaning with a protective layer, you only need to clean it with water, but do not use chemical cleaners, because it may cause problems such as discoloration of the comb.

As for daily maintenance, it is best not to place the sofa in a place exposed to direct sunlight, because when the sofa is exposed to the sun for a long time, it will easily cause discoloration or even dryness. In addition, keep the indoor environment ventilated and dry, and do not cover imitation leather or leather sofas, otherwise there may be a chance to cause them to become moldy.

May I ask what should be paid attention to when using the hinged comb, and what is the maintenance method for the hinged comb?

Regardless of whether it is an electric or manual flip-hinge comb, in terms of use and maintenance, the following items must be known:

‧When operating the flip-hinge comb, pay attention to whether children and pets are walking or playing nearby, so as not to accidentally pinch them.

‧When activating the electric spring hinge, do not press multiple buttons at the same time, so as not to damage the mechanism.

‧Do not place any objects near the spring hinge metal frame, so as not to cause damage to the parts. ‧When using the flip-up comb, remember to sit behind the seat so that the center of gravity can be moved to the position behind the seat.

‧Do not sit on the hinged armrests, chair backs or positions where the hinges are stretched. In addition, when the elastic hinge is stretched, please do not comb it up and down to avoid structural damage due to its lack of load.

‧If you are a pregnant woman, a person with limited mobility, or a person with a physical disability, you should consult a doctor before using the hinge comb to avoid accidents during use.

My family is going to buy a Chivas sofa, but the children always like to sit on the sofa and eat snacks, and I can't keep an eye on them 24 hours a day. If the Chivas sofa is soiled by food, how should it be cleaned?

Regardless of cleaning food stains for Chivas sofas or other sofas, different cleaning methods will be used according to the nature of different foods. The following is a brief list:

‧For colored beverages, as well as jams, tomato juice, etc.: first use paper towels (blotting paper can also be used) to absorb the stains directly, so as to prevent the stains from penetrating deep or drying up, then wipe with a damp cloth first, and then with a dry cloth Wipe dry.

‧For greasy stains such as butter, grease, gravy sauce, etc.: Dilute neutral soap with warm water first, then use it to soak a soft cotton cloth to wipe off the stains. Then you need to soak another clean cotton cloth with distilled water, and use it to gently wipe off the soap stains on the sofa.

‧For stains such as chewing gum: In this case, ice particles must be placed on the chewing gum to harden it, and then slowly remove the remaining chewing gum stains. Then use a special cleaning agent to clean it one more time, and finally soak it with a protective solution once.

How much is the maintenance period of Chivas' hinged comb?

Regarding the maintenance period of Chivas’ elastic hinge comb, the alloy frame part will have a 5-year maintenance period. As for the electric accessories, the Chivas’ maintenance period will be 1 year.

I live in Tai Po District. If I order Chivas Sofa from your website, can it be delivered on Saturday?

no problem. Regarding the delivery service of Chivas sofas and other household products, we will deliver to the East of the New Territories on Wednesdays and Saturdays, including Tai Po District, Sha Tin District, etc. However, the actual delivery date may be finalized depending on the number of orders, logistics conditions, etc.