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"Playing mahjong" has long been a part of Hong Kong's life and culture. Whether it's a holiday, or meeting relatives and friends to play mahjong in leisure time, it is a good activity for friendship. Therefore, there must be a set of sparrows "watching the door" at home, so that relatives and friends will not worry about no programs when they come. And it is not enough to have a set of mahjong, one more mahjong table is needed, so that the official "bamboo battle field" can be more convenient for "comrades" to play their highest level, and everyone can play more fully. Therefore, you must not be sloppy in choosing a mahjong table. In addition to letting it play its due function, it can also be used as an embellishment in home design. It is also very important to choose a mahjong table of the right size and style according to the size of the home. "Choosing a mahjong table is a big question, but I don't know anything about it. How should I choose a mahjong table that suits my favorite and home environment?" Don't worry, when you log in to Hareody Mall furniture online store, we have specially set up a "Majong" column, from which you can choose from a variety of styles of Mahjong Yee. The information on various products is detailed. If necessary, you can also call us for inquiries, so that you don't have to worry about choosing a Mahjong table. Facing troubles!

Selected high-quality mahjong table to teach you satisfaction

When you log into our website, you will find a variety of mahjong tables for you to choose from. For example, a type of electric mahjong table is popular nowadays, and we also provide related products. But if you like traditional mahjong tables and feel that shuffling and other touches are fun, some traditional wooden mahjong tables may suit your heart. For example, "Porter Portable Foldable Solid Wood Sparrow Table" is made of solid pine wood imported from New Zealand. It is also convenient to play mahjong while traveling, and with its wide drawer, there is enough space to store chips and personal belongings, such a mahjong table is not rude. If you don’t have a mahjong at home, you might as well choose our combination of mahjong table and mahjong, such as the “Bingo folding solid wood mahjong table + hand-made mahjong tile” set. The mahjong table also has folding legs with exquisite carvings. There are several options for the color of the platform and the color of the sparrow, allowing you to make the perfect match. Welcome to our website to shop.

About mahjong table, solid wood mahjong table-frequently asked questions

Do you have some mahjong tables with lamps for sale in your online shop?

some. One of our products is a set of "Porter Portable Solid Wood Mahjong Table + LED Light". The top of the solid wood mahjong table made of pine can be folded in half, which is convenient to carry, and is also suitable for home and travel. As for the source of pine wood is imported from New Zealand, the texture is hard and clean, quite durable. In addition, the high-definition LED mahjong light of this mahjong table set product can be adjusted manually, and the brightness itself is soft and clear, so if you play mahjong for a long time, it will not cause visual fatigue.

In terms of choosing a mahjong table, which type of mahjong table can be chosen, which can save space?

Hong Kong has a small area and a large number of people, and the housing units are relatively small. If you already have a dining table at home, if you add a solid wood mahjong table, it will make the home even more cramped, and it will be inconvenient to enter and exit. At this time, in addition to choosing some smaller mahjong tables, you can also buy folding mahjong tables and place them vertically to save more space, especially a kind of folding mahjong table whose table legs can be folded close to the tabletop, because of its small size Thin for easier storage. Or, if you plan to change the dining table, you can directly buy some solid wood mahjong tables for dining and mahjong entertainment. For example, we sell a "Bingo solid wood mahjong table with folding legs", which is made of ash wood. It can also be folded for easy storage, but if the head of the household often fights bamboo and does not want to store the mahjong table back and forth often, but wants to put it directly in the living room, as long as it is covered with a cover, it can become a dining table with its exquisite patterns. Embellish the living room and dining room.

In fact, I already have a square table in my home, so I just need to buy a mahjong board and put it on the table. Why do I need to buy a folding mahjong table and store it separately?

Some customers will also replace the folding mahjong table with a mahjong board, but this arrangement actually has some disadvantages. First, placing the mahjong board on the table for a long time may cause stains on the table. For example, the square table at home is more expensive. Sparrow board should not be spread. Secondly, the height of the table at home may not be suitable for bamboo warfare. In addition, the height of the mahjong board changes, and it is even more difficult to predict whether it will be suitable for playing mahjong with two hands. Relatively, there are solid wood mahjong tables and folding mahjong tables. The preset height can cater for the fun of the user, or you can order a suitable height, which is more practical than choosing a mahjong board casually. In addition, solid wood mahjong tables or folding mahjong tables often have drawers. Compared with mahjong boards, there is more space for storing chips or other objects. Friends who plan to buy mahjong boards must also consider this first.

When buying a mahjong table, is it also a factor to consider whether the table top is covered with fluffy cloth?

Whether the mahjong table top is a fluffy cloth surface is the main consideration in terms of purchase. Playing mahjong all the time will make collision sound, such as those who often fight at home, will also cause nuisance to neighbors to some extent, so choosing a mahjong table with a fluffy table top can help absorb sound. In addition, for the sake of the residents downstairs, you can lay sound-absorbing carpets on the floor by yourself, or add non-slip mats or foot covers to the legs of the mahjong table, so as to avoid noise when the mahjong table is pushed and prevent the downstairs residents from causing damage. Nuisance, but also to prevent the floor from being scratched, kill two birds with one stone!

In the past, I ordered a mahjong table and found that there were some scratches, and then I had a dispute with the ordering company. If you order a mahjong table from your online store, will the above problems occur?

First of all, customers need to understand that due to the complicated processes involved in customizing mahjong table products, the paint surface may be slightly scratched, or there may be a little flaw in other details. If the customer is a perfectionist, he must be very careful about the product If it is required to be 100% flawless, it is advisable to think carefully before ordering a mahjong table.