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When choosing furniture in Hong Kong, most of them prefer wood. Because of its nature and color, it can add a natural atmosphere to the home, and the brown wood color can also make people look comfortable in the home. Therefore, for wardrobes, bookcases, bed frames, etc., everyone likes wooden ones, especially the solid wood dining table is loved by many people, because they eat at home or enjoy snacks every day, as well as writing and playing (such as playing chess, playing board games, etc.) ), have to rely on this table. Therefore, you need to pay more attention to the purchase of a solid wood dining table. In addition to paying attention to whether its appearance is attractive, of course, you must also consider its practicality and durability (and cleaning and maintenance in the future are also very important). Who would be willing to try the name? Spend a lot of money to buy a table, only to use it for a year or so and have to replace it? Friends who are planning to add a solid wood dining table to their homes, may wish to log in to the Hareody Mall online store and choose what you want!

Our Hareody Mall's Solid-wood Dining Table series are mainly made of rubber wood or ash wood. Each process is handled very rigorously, starting with material selection, then assembling, painting, and finally finishing the surface of the table Every process, such as making decorations, is very careful to ensure that every part of these tables is finely crafted. Hareody Mall has a variety of solid wood dining tables for everyone to choose from, including space-saving telescopic tables, solid wood dining tables imported directly from Malaysia, etc. There is always one that suits you!

Various sizes of solid wood dining table cater to large and small households

When choosing a solid wood dining table, the most worrying thing is its size. You must know that Hong Kong’s living space is narrow, and sometimes you look at the right style, but find that its size is too large. Task", then it is really "buy for nothing"! But in our online store, you will find that there are many tables with more than one size to choose from, such as "Mech tenon joint craft solid wood dining table", ranging from sizes (1.2m, 1.4m, 1.6m, 1.8m) to There are 4 colors (humu color, walnut color, smoky color, black) to choose from. It is insect-resistant and durable, has excellent supporting force, and is sprayed with environmentally friendly paint. , but also to ensure the health of the family. For example, the "Loki Solid Wood Dining Table" imported from Malaysia has two colors and sizes to choose from. In addition, it has a 20mm thickened panel, which is quite solid and clean. There are also a variety of practical and beautiful solid wood dining tables to choose from, welcome to inquire.

About solid wood dining table, solid wood dining table - frequently asked questions

If you accidentally stain the solid wood dining table, how can you clean it?

Indeed, many times we will inadvertently stain the solid wood dining table. For example, the solid wood dining table is not covered with a tablecloth when eating, and the table is full of food residues. If it is some dark liquid such as soy sauce, etc. Countertops have a major impact. In addition, the living environment in Hong Kong is narrow, and some residences are designed as open kitchens, which undoubtedly save space and can accommodate a solid wood dining table. If the wooden dining table is stained, over time, the surface of the solid wood dining table will also become "smooth". To clean the solid wood dining table, in addition to using a clean soft cotton cloth, you may have to add additional cleaning agents, but remember not to use alcohol-based cleaning agents, high-concentration fine cleaning agents or oily cleaning agents, otherwise it may cause damage. The solid wood dining table is decolorized. Instead, it should be wiped gently with a special solid wood furniture cleaner, or water-based, soft cleaner.

How to maintain the solid wood dining table on weekdays?

First of all, pay attention to its daily cleaning. For example, make a clean soft cotton cloth slightly damp and wipe the wooden dining table, and then wipe it with a dry cotton cloth to avoid moisture on the solid wood dining table. Of course, tablecloths should also be spread on the solid wood tabletop for daily meals, and the tabletop should be wiped dry immediately when it gets wet. Therefore, when placing beverage containers such as cups, coasters should be added on the tabletop. In addition, everyone may sometimes cook instant noodles in a small pot, and then put the pot on the solid wood dining table to enjoy the noodles, but don't do this! Because high temperature will deteriorate the table top of the solid wood dining table, heat insulation pads should be placed first. Even if there are dishes with hot food instead of small pots, heat insulation pads must be used to avoid damage to the solid wood dining table.

There will always be a little scratch on the solid wood dining table after using it for a period of time. How can this be dealt with?

These tiny scratches that appear after a long time can be solved by using water wax or coarse wax for polishing and maintenance.

How to prevent the solid wood dining table from being scratched easily?

The most once-and-for-all method is to add a layer of transparent glass to the entire countertop. If you don't want to press the wooden table with heavy glass for a long time, you can use a table mat instead, which can also block some scratches caused by friction on the solid wood table.

I heard that the solid wood dining table should not be placed in a place where it can be directly exposed to sunlight, so it is okay to place it at the air outlet of the air conditioner to make it cooler?

Such a placement is also not possible. Because the wooden table is blown by cold wind for a long time, it will deteriorate, and when the air conditioner is turned off, the table is subjected to a huge temperature difference, and it may be deformed or cracked.