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Hong Kong has a lot of land and a lot of people. It is an extremely difficult task to find an ideal place to live in this city with a lot of land! Even if you have found a comfortable home, but the unit you live in is unimaginably small, do you want to buy a table to eat? If the living and dining room in the house can accommodate a table for meals, but it makes walking in the house very inconvenient, then why bother? If you are having the above-mentioned troubles, you may wish to consider buying a retractable dining table! Indeed, it is very important to save every penny of space for the home, and a series of retractable dining tables launched by our Hareody Mall online store are made of different materials, including glass, solid wood, slate, marble, etc., to cater to different needs. Types of home design. There is a retractable dining table at home, which can accommodate 5 or 6 people to enjoy a dinner together when it is opened. The home is beautiful and can save space. For small and medium-sized families, the retractable dining table is definitely the first choice. Welcome to visit the Hareody Mall online store to learn more about the retractable dining table, or you can make an appointment to visit our showroom.

Multi-material retractable dining table is available

In our Hareody Mall online store, there is a "Gibson rock slab retractable dining table" that has a variety of colors of rock slabs to choose from for customization. The rails are treated with anti-rust, and they are still smooth after thousands of tensile tests smooth, making it last longer. Another "Ludwig solid wood retractable dining table" is made of ash wood without any wood-based panels, which has strong bearing capacity, and its corners and edges have been smooth polished to avoid scratches. There is also a "Goofy Rock Slab Telescopic Dining Table" that uses thickened rock slabs, which is very hard and easy to clean. Its simple and quick free-to-reach design is very suitable for small families. There are several extension tables to choose from, so there is always one that meets your needs.

About Telescopic Dining Table - Frequently Asked Questions

When buying an extendable dining table, besides its size and how many people it can accommodate, what other details should you pay attention to?

In fact, before deciding on the size of the extendable dining table, how many people it can accommodate, etc., it is best to pay attention to whether the extendable dining table matches the style of the home. Because there are always accurate data on the size and number of people, there is no need to spend too much time first. For the decision of the style of the telescopic dining table, you can start with its material. For example, if you choose one kind of slate, we have many colors to choose from, such as Italian light gray glossy surface, cold emerald glossy surface, Lauren platinum matte surface, etc. These can create a little luxury and European style for the residence: if you choose solid wood The telescopic dining table can create some simple and natural atmosphere. A retractable dining table is the soul of the living room, dining room, and even the entire home. Arrange and follow up the style issues first, and then it will be easier to deal with the size and measurement.

As for the shape of the telescopic dining table, are there any details to consider?

Yes, everything depends not only on the size of your home, but also on your living habits. For example, if the living room is relatively narrow and there are only one or two members, it is advisable to add a telescopic dining table that can be extended from a small square to a rectangular one, which can be placed close to the wall to save space; If the area is quite large, and you will invite more relatives and friends to have meals on weekdays, it would be more appropriate to choose some stretchable dining tables that extend from a circle to an oval, or from a rectangle to an oval, because the streamlined shape of the ellipse is convenient to use on the table. It is also easier to communicate and chat while walking around, or when everyone is sitting together. It can be seen that the telescopic dining table is very knowledgeable in the shape selection. And our Hareody Mall online store also sells the above-mentioned retractable dining table, welcome to inquire.

Do I need to charge a moving service fee if I buy an extendable dining table or other furniture from your online store?

If you purchase any furniture in our online store, you can get free delivery service when you spend HKD 2,000 or above (but you must select "Free Shipping" during online checkout). But outlying islands do not provide delivery. As for the more remote places such as Tung Chung and Ma Wan, a delivery fee of HK$150 will be charged; if the destination is Discovery Bay, the delivery fee will be HK$300.

Will your delivery services such as the telescoping table also be available on Sundays?

Our delivery fleet is limited to delivery services from Monday to Saturday, and every day the fleet will be limited to a designated area for delivery (for example, Tuen Mun and Yuen Long, etc., only provide delivery services on Monday and Thursday), the relevant For details, please visit the "Delivery Notes" column of our website.

How long is the durability of the telescopic dining table? ?

The "life" of a retractable dining table is not only related to the material of the table top and general cleaning and maintenance, but also the material and use of the retractable mechanism. Generally, affordable telescopic dining tables mostly use iron rails. As for the telescopic design of the table, most of them are extended from the middle of the table top, and then the middle position of the table top can be expanded. However, the extended rails will always be abrasive and slippery one day, so if the rails are made of better materials and the table is not frequently opened and closed, the table can be made more durable.