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Hong Kong is a small place, but it is overpopulated! There is really not enough space to provide a certain number of large-area residential units, so small and medium-sized units, and even nano-buildings have also emerged to meet the needs of a large number of car owners. But if you get on the car successfully, you will be faced with an ultra-small unit, which will give the head of the household a lot of trouble in arranging furniture. If you want to place a table for eating, working, etc., not to mention walking in the house, there may even be quite limited places to sit down. Therefore, in the limited home space in Hong Kong, it is very important to have furniture with flexibility and good storage functions. A folding table can flexibly provide the required space at any time, whether it is a meal for two or a dinner for six. In other words, you can also easily free up the space you need.

Among the furniture sold at the Hareody Mall online store, there are also folding dining tables for sale. Our folding dining tables have styles that cater to various living room styles and the needs of different space sizes. The size and color of the folding table can bring you a variety of choices. Its structure and design are unique. Choosing a folding table can also show your unique life taste. Welcome to log into our online store to buy a folding table that suits your needs. If you don’t know how to set up and use a folding dining table to match your home, please contact us for inquiries, and we can provide you with more Information about folding table products and give advice.

Easy to store and save space

Folding dining tables are very popular in Hong Kong, and they also play different functions in terms of opening and closing and storage. For example, some folding dining tables can be opened and closed on one side, or even on the left and right sides. Customers can adjust how much they want to decorate on the table , the choice of the use area of ​​the table can be more flexible. In addition, the seat itself needs a certain amount of space to be placed. Even some foldable or stackable seats must have additional space to be placed. There are seats with backrests, and as many as 4 seats can be stored at the same time, so that the whole set of folding dining table will not take up a lot of space, and it can be placed flexibly and retracted freely. Take the "Todd Solid Wood Dining Table" we sell as an example. There are two options: 1.2m wide and 1.4m wide. You can also choose one of white and log color to match the home design style. The corners of this folding dining table are safety rounded corners, which can avoid easy damage caused by collisions. There are also silent pulleys that can be turned 360 degrees, which can be easily pushed and locked. It is also very stable. It can be placed at home It can be flexibly adjusted, and it belongs to the 1.4-meter-wide one. It also has a special storage drawer for placing bowls, chopsticks or other sundries. The one with a width of 1.2 meters does not have a storage drawer, but two folding chairs can be placed in the middle of the pedestal. This "Todd Solid Wood Dining Table" can be purchased independently, or it can be purchased together with the "Odin Solid Wood Dining Chair (2 Chairs/4 Chairs)". , Customers don't have to worry about which folding chair to buy. If you want to buy folding chairs, please visit our online store for more details.

About Folding Table - Frequently Asked Questions

When using a folding dining table, will it be complicated to switch and fold?

This depends on the design of the folding table, but the general folding method is very simple. For example, when you want to put away the tabletop, you can first fold up the bracket and table legs that support the tabletop, and then slowly put away the tabletop. Usually, there is a locking device on the folding table, so that the folding table can remain stable no matter when it is opened or folded, so that you can rest assured to eat or place objects on the table.

In terms of the safety of the folding table, is there anything to pay attention to?

First of all, it is best not to let children pull the folding table, and tell them not to play with the folding table. Children sometimes playfully pull the folding table, and they are easy to be injured. We also occasionally see some news about children being injured by folding tables and chairs. Even if adults are a little negligent when using it, accidents may occur. Therefore, when purchasing a folding table, you should pay attention to whether the design of its opening and closing is stable, and you must clearly know the relevant manufacturer's information. If it is a kind of folding dining table for home use, it is best to place it next to the wall to be more stable.

May I ask what material is the "Todd Solid Wood Dining Table" mainly made of, and does it meet safety standards?

"Todd solid wood folding dining table" is mainly made of rubber wood with processed boards, which meets safety standards. Its structure is stable and not easy to crack, and it is wear-resistant and durable. It is a practical and durable folding dining table.

Are most of the current folding dining tables easy to move?

Yes, in response to the different number of users each time, most folding dining tables are also equipped with pulleys, which can be easily moved to other positions to accommodate different numbers of people. These pulleys can also be locked so that the folding table does not move easily and can be used more safely.

What is the load capacity of the folding dining table?

This will depend on its design and which materials it is made of. Generally, it can load between 50 pounds and 200 pounds, but it is best to check the manual first to understand its actual load pounds, so that it can be used safely.