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"If you want to do good work, you must first sharpen your tools." This sentence is also very suitable for playing sparrows! During the bamboo battle, holding a pair of "beautiful cards"... not only refers to the big cards that you are going to confuse, but also the mahjong cards themselves are exquisitely made in color, lettering, etc. Such "beautiful cards" can make people play Extra investment. In addition, the host has selected a set of beautiful and exquisite sparrows, which can highlight his taste. Customers have certain requirements for the appearance and practicability of Hong Kong mahjong brand. To find high-quality overseas or Hong Kong mahjong brand, the mahjong brand sold in the Hareody Mall online store can satisfy everyone. The price of mahjong brand is also affordable. Cater to the needs of different customers.

Among the overseas and Hong Kong mahjong brands sold in Hareody Mall, there are a variety of crystal mahjong and acrylic mahjong, which feel excellent, and the quality and workmanship are more delicate and lighter than melamine mahjong, which can reduce fatigue when playing mahjong. We have Taiwan Mahjong, Hong Kong Mahjong, Guangdong Mahjong, foreign Mahjong and other styles to choose from. As for the size, there are regular 8-point sparrows and 7.5-point sparrows. In addition, there are Taiwan famous brand MACHILL Machu mahjong which won the design award, and Hong Kong's original eco-friendly paper PAPERY mahjong! Everything is full of creativity, and the price of mahjong brand is also varied. It is very suitable to buy a set of overseas or Hong Kong mahjong brand for personal use, or as a gift.

There is no shortage of good products to meet customer requirements

To count one of the practical and beautiful sparrows, the "Hand-kneading Crystal Mahjong Brand with Aluminum Box" is a good choice. It is available in pink 7 points, gold 8 points, and black and silver 8 points to choose from. The whole set of mahjong style, chips, etc. are all available, and the price of this mahjong card is only 688 Hong Kong dollars. Another Mahjong brand "Nomi Portable Mini Travel Mahjong" is also priced at HK$688. It is the best choice for friends who travel without bamboo and have fun. Its black shape design is very stylish and easy to carry , and comes with a ruler for fun anywhere. There is also Taiwan's "Hand-rubbed Acrylic Taiwan Mahjong Brand" which is 5 cents in the size of a mahjong. If you buy sparrows for collection purposes, a "PAPERY Sparrow Path│Environmental Sparrow Set" is just right for you. This set is a collection-level eco-friendly sparrow. There are other types of mahjong cards, welcome to buy.

About Mahjong - Frequently Asked Questions

Is there really a need to clean the mahjong tiles after each mahjong play? In fact, every time the bamboo battle is over, it is okay to hide the whole set of sparrows and save them for the next use.

Never! Because after every bamboo battle, there will actually be a lot of dirt and bacteria hidden on the surface of the mahjong tiles. For example, when the mahjong is playing, everyone is also excitedly shouting, or chatting continuously, and the flying mottle has accumulated on the surface of each mahjong tile. And I believe that many friends also like to enjoy snacks while fighting bamboo shoots. At this moment, they have picked up potato chips and French fries with both hands to taste. At that moment, they touched the brand with both hands. It can be seen that every card is also covered with oil stains. wait. In addition, if you meet a "No Pin" comrade, pick your nose and ears, and touch the brand with your hands at the same time, so that each one will be full of bacteria! If the bamboo is no longer cleaned after the war and is put into the sparrow box, the sparrow box will become a breeding ground for bacteria, and even attract insects and ants. If you use this set of sparrows next time, the result will be really... spend a lot of money on the sparrow brand. It is an ideal set, but the whole set of sparrows becomes a source of germs, do you think it is worth it? Therefore, after each bamboo battle, the whole set of sparrows must be thoroughly cleaned.

The process of cleaning mahjong is difficult. If every mahjong tile needs to be cleaned, it will take 144 tiles to wipe clean. Does it really take time? Do you have any cleaning tips to offer?

The method of cleaning the sparrow is actually very simple, just use a wet wool cloth and a dry towel. Just lay the mahjong tiles flat on the table in 12 X 12 pieces, then wipe the surface with a wet towel first, and then dry it with a dry towel, then turn the whole set of mahjong tiles to the other side and wipe them clean. You can. If necessary, you can use some sparrow-specific cleaners to wipe it first, and then wipe it with a damp cloth and a dry cloth.

If I buy a travel sparrow, but put it outdoors or in a place that is hard to find, wouldn’t it be useless?

Please rest assured that our mahjong brand also has travel kits for sale, such as "Nomi Travel Mahjong and Light Mat Light Mat Travel Kit". Combat is also quite convenient. Both products can also be purchased independently.

In addition to "PAPERY 鸡道│Eco-friendly Mahjong Set", what other Mahjong brand products do you have that are worth collecting?

A "Golden Horse 59 Co-branded Limited Edition" of "MACHILL Taiwan Machu Sparrow" is a designated gift for the finalists of the 59th Golden Horse Awards, and it is also worth cherishing for mahjong fans or movie fans.

If I use Octopus to purchase your Mahjong brand products etc. online, what is the payment method?

Customers can use Octopus Apps to pay. After completing the order, customers can pay through the Octopus App on their mobile phones. The relevant link can be found in the "Payment Method" item in the "FAQ" column of our website for understanding.