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Playing mahjong is a unique culture and excellent entertainment in Hong Kong and even the Chinese community. With the advancement of technology, the rules and rules of playing mahjong remain unchanged, but the form of playing can be played with new styles by using technology! It is the electric mahjong table. Even if you haven't bought an electric mahjong machine at home, sometimes when you go to the Party Room with your relatives and friends, or attend some restaurant sparrow games, you should have seen the attraction of these mahjong machines! The mahjong machine shuffles the cards and rolls the dice by itself, so as not to waste the strength of the sparrow players. Surprisingly, the shuffling process does not make a lot of noise. Such a unique gadget, do you want to add one to your home?

Our Hareody Mall online store has the "Cheyou Electric Mahjong Table Series", which sells a variety of this brand's foldable electric mahjong table, folding mahjong machine, silent electric mahjong table, four-port machine, roller coaster mahjong table, and comes with anti-card movement , very good performance. Hareody Mall is an authorized dealer of Treyou electric mahjong table. In addition to the basic delivery fee is free, it also provides free maintenance service, as well as same-day door-to-door repair service in Hong Kong, so that customers can have peace of mind!

Perfect equipment enhances the fun of bamboo fighting

Among the several models of "Teyo" electric mahjong machines we sell, one of the "Teyo Electric Mahjong Table S500" has both standard and foldable styles. You can purchase the original cover for an additional fee, and you can even turn the electric mahjong table into a dining table. , so that one thing can be used for two purposes. As for its operation, Quyou has a brand-new technology. The integration of its shuffling board greatly strengthens the noise reduction ability without affecting the speed of shuffling. It is quiet and fast, and will not hinder the rhythm of the game. , Play to your heart's content, and this electric mahjong table is available in two colors, pixel gold and space gray, which brings flexibility in home furnishing.

Another Quyou product: "Teyou Electric Mahjong Table S60Pro" also has standard and folding styles, and can also be turned into a dining table. It is also unique in that it is specially equipped with USB mobile phone charging and mobile phone storage functions, so that the mobile phone can never leave the body You can focus on the bamboo battle while paying attention to whether there are messages on the mobile phone. This mahjong machine is also available in gold and coffee. If you are interested, welcome to inquire.

About electric mahjong table, electric mahjong machine - frequently asked questions

May I ask what items are not included in the free maintenance service provided by the electric mahjong machine you sell?

If the customer fails to follow the instruction manual of the electric mahjong machine, resulting in damage, then this is not included in the free maintenance. In addition, if there is man-made damage, self-repair, modification, or accidental damage to the electric mahjong machine, this is not included in the free maintenance. What's more, if the product model, serial number of the electric mahjong machine, and the content in the maintenance certificate are deleted or altered by the customer without authorization, this will not be eligible for free maintenance. If maintenance is required under the above circumstances, the charges will be determined according to the degree of damage to the electric mahjong table and the parts required.

What can be done about the maintenance of the electric mahjong table and mahjong on weekdays?

The electric mahjong table is composed of many parts. The daily maintenance of it and the mahjong can be dealt with as follows:

‧Make a clean rag slightly damp, wipe it in the same direction on the suede surface of the table, and then dry the suede surface with a hair dryer.

‧Spray an appropriate amount of mahjong-specific cleaning agent (or Bilizhu) onto a dry cloth, arrange the signs neatly on the plate, and then wipe the six sides of the signs with a rag. This will not only clean the signs and keep them smooth, but also A protective film will be formed. But it should be noted that do not use other types of detergents to wash the brand in the form of soaking in water, otherwise the brand may be washed bad, or it may turn yellow.

‧The internal cleaning of the electric mahjong table is also very important. For example, the card delivery track can be slightly damp with a clean rag, and then wipe the card delivery track, so that it can keep the card delivery smooth.

If we buy an electric mahjong table not for home use, but for commercial activities (such as adding entertainment facilities for a party room), is it also possible to buy an electric mahjong table in this way?

Of course no problem. We also welcome business customers to purchase electric mahjong tables or other products from our online shop. In addition, we can also provide support for industrial and commercial customers, please feel free to contact us via Whatsapp (9659 4626).

Do some electric mahjong stations have USB sockets? Because during the bamboo battle, I sometimes pay attention to whether other people will contact me and want to charge the phone immediately.

Yes, there are many electric mahjong consoles on the market that also have USB ports. Take the Queyou electric mahjong console sold in our online shop as an example. Among them, the "Teyo Electric Mahjong Table S60Pro" can be used in addition to its USB port. In addition to charging the mobile phone, plus its unique mobile phone storage design, it can bring convenience when placing the phone, without having to find another place to place it, and it is much more convenient to receive messages or answer calls.

If you buy an electric mahjong machine from your online store, in terms of delivery, how much will it cost to push the electric mahjong machine and go upstairs?

Purchasing furniture and other products in this online store will vary in terms of pushing fees and upstairs fees depending on the type. For electric mahjong machines, the charge will be HK$250 per sheet.